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The Arabidopsis Lipid Gene Database

A database of Arabidopsis thaliana genes known or suspected to be involved in acyl-lipid metabolism


This database was built by Fred Beisson and is based on the publication:


Beisson, F., Koo, A.J.K., Ruuska, S., Schwender, J., Pollard, M., Thelen, J.J., Paddock, T., Salas, J.J., Savage, L., Milcamps, A., Mhaske, V.B., Cho, Y.H., and Ohlrogge, J.B. (2003). Arabidopsis Genes Involved in Acyl Lipid Metabolism. A 2003 Census of the Candidates, a Study of the Distribution of Expressed Sequence Tags in Organs, and a Web-Based Database. Plant Physiology 132, 681-697.


Please visit an updated version of this database at: http://aralip.plantbiology.msu.edu/